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Live Formal Debates
Series Description
The Communion Cup: One Container vs. Many Allowed Kevin Pendergrass faced Johnny Elmore to debate the authority of using multiple drinking vessels during the one cup of communion.
Sabbath vs. First Day of the Week Kevin Pendergrass faced George Ramocan to debate the day Christians are instructed to come together in New Testament worship.
Mechanical Instruments of Music in Worship Kevin Pendergrass faced Jason L. Weatherly to debate the authority of playing mechanical instruments of music in New Testament worship.
Main Collection
Series Description
Answering Denominational Doctrines Thorough explanations of the differences between the church we read about in the Bible and modern man-made religious organizations.
Baptism In-depth expounding on the hotly debated and greatly misunderstood topic: what God has to say about baptism.
Be Faithful Until Death What one can and must do to stay true to God all the days of one’s life, enduring to the end.
Calvinism First, an introduction to the beginnings and foundation of Calvinism. Then, progressive refuting of all the major tenets of its doctrines found in TULIP.
Character Studies Studies of different people’s character about which we read in the Old and New Testaments.
The Church That Jesus Built Where God’s church came from and how the Bible directs its operation today.
Fundamentals of the Faith The very basic tenets of the faith, including how a person even obtains faith.
Genesis The beginning of the world, of humanity, of the Bible.
Grace Jesus’ multiple sacrifices – and encouragement on how we can avoid focusing too much on any one aspect of salvation.
Great Bible Lessons Powerful basics and impactful encouragement ranging from man’s sin and God’s forgiveness to developing a passion for Bible study and how to live a life that glorifies God.
Introduction to the Bible An overview of the Bible itself, including how we got the Old and New Testaments and how we can know that it’s from God.
Islam: From God or Man? A thorough examination of Islam – its origin, its development, its tenets, and its view of Christianity.
Living Messages of the Old Testament Old Testament history with applicable lessons for today.
Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage An examination of the controversy and truth surrounding marriage, divorce, and remarriage, including answers to common questions – and arguments.
Messianic Prophecies What Messianic Prophecies are, their impact today, and the marvelous way God interweaves undeniable Truth throughout His Word.
More About Jesus A thorough look at Jesus Christ which includes Old Testament prophecies and New Testament accounts – what He was really like, His convictions, His friendship to sinners, His narrow-minded teachings, and more.
Motivational Lessons Motivation to Christians for living “the blessed life” by examining such things as how to rekindle a passion for Christ, the power of persistent prayer, excuses people frequently offer for not serving God faithfully, how to endure suffering, and more.
Music in New Testament Worship Prepared shortly before the music debate. Information that didn’t make its way into the live debate speeches, including foundational material about how God wants us to approach Him and an examination of various arguments used to rail against this Truth.
The Nature of God Who the God of the universe is, how He feels about what we do, and why we should serve Him.
Old Testament Studies Old Testament illustrations on how to live today and scriptures written about Jesus long before He was born.
Refuting Premillennialism The Bible’s answers to questions about the Antichrist, the rapture, the thousand-year reign, the end of the world, the battle of Armageddon, and more.
Salvation A complete understanding of salvation: what it is, why we need it, God’s part, our part, and many other things to understand which so many people miss and even misteach.
Satan Knowledge about our greatest enemy, Satan, including myths and facts about his origin and final destination – plus, most importantly, how we can defeat him and his devices.
Sermon on the Mount A detailed examination of Jesus’ most famous sermon, drawing from it many practical applications we can use in our everyday lives.
Soul-Saving Lessons Various topics to help you learn how to become saved and detailed encouragement for how to stay saved.
Spiritual Discipline Why and how we should practice spiritual discipline, withdrawal, and restoration within the church.
Topical Lessons Miscellaneous sermons to help a person learn from God’s Word including such things as the importance of church order, how to exalt Christ, and more.
Truth The truth about controversial topics: the nature of truth itself, along with faith, abortion, pornography, alcohol, homosexuality, gambling, marriage, modest dress, and Heaven and Hell.
Twisted Scriptures First, the reasons people twist scriptures and how to avoid this yourself. Then, reviews of specific scriptures famously wrestled to people’s own destruction.
New Testament
Series Description
Matthew: The Kingdom of Christ The gospel account according to Matthew.
Mark: The Majesty of Christ The gospel account according to Mark.
Luke: Various Lessons The gospel account according to Luke.
John: The Deity of Christ The gospel account according to John.
Acts: How to Become a Christian The acts of the apostles as recorded by Luke.
Romans: The Gospel is God’s Saving Power Paul’s letter to the Christians at Rome.
1 Corinthians: Problems in the Church Paul’s first letter to the Christians at Corinth.
2 Corinthians: We Walk by Faith Paul’s second letter to the Christians at Corinth.
Galatians: Not Under Bondage Paul’s letter to the Christians at Galatia.
Ephesians: The Importance of Being in Christ Paul’s letter to the Christians at Ephesus.
Philippians: Christian Living Paul’s letter to the Christians at Philippi.
Colossians: The Preeminence of Christ Paul’s letter to the Christians at Colossae.
1 & 2 Thessalonians: What God Says About the End Paul’s letters to the Christians at Thessalonica.
1 Timothy: Proper Church Conduct Paul’s first letter to Timothy.
2 Timothy & Titus & Philemon: Various Lessons Paul’s second letter to Timothy and letters to Titus and Philemon.
Hebrews: The Superiority of Christ & Christianity The general letter written to Christians coming from Hebrew origins.
James: The New Testament Book of Wisdom James’ general letter to Christians.
1 & 2 Peter: Final Reminders Peter’s two general letters to Christians.
1, 2, 3 John & Jude: Walk in the Light John’s two general letters to Christians and letter to Gaius and Jude’s general letter to Christians.
Revelation: Victory in Jesus John’s record of Jesus revealing their near future, written in a general letter to Christians.